Know-how transfer

German-Danish eHealth knowledge and skills data base

Cross-border cooperation

Training and further education of skilled specialist in the health care sector focussing on the border region


(Further) development of products, e.g. bilingual eHealth apps

Incorporating health clusters

WelfareTech, Life Science Nord, WTSH


Our mission

The eHealth platform is a central part of the German-Danish eHealth Innovation Center. One of the main purposes of the platform is to create a connecting tool for partners from science and business.

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There is great potential to be tapped in terms of health care and welfare technology in the German-Danish border region. To make full use of all the possibilities offered by the cross-border provision of health care and to create synergies in this area, the application of telemedicine and eHealth solutions – which is one of the core competencies of the region – is crucial. The use of information and communication technology – especially in economically weak, rural regions lacking adequate infrastructure – is becoming increasingly important for the exchange of information between hospitals, self-employed physicians and other healthcare providers in the German-Danish border region and in regard to efficiently providing health care for an ageing population

eHealth platform

The eHealth platform serves as a central interface connecting the expertise and skills available in the region and helping to create a network of partners from business and science in health care.



The newly founded Institute for eHealth and Management in Health Care (Institut für eHealth und Management im Gesundheitswesen, IEMG) is a research institute based at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FUAS). Our expertise covers several subject areas as well as methodology. Our tasks at the Institute include research as well as teaching, consulting services and technology transfer in the fields of eHealth, health care sciences and health care management.

We greatly enjoy working across disciplines and in the German-Danish border region. One of the main aspects of our work is the development of hands-on concepts for quality and accompanying research for businesses and health care organisations. These concepts are designed to offer academic guidance to practical projects from the region and beyond. Another crucial aspect of our work is the efficient application of information and communication technology in health care as well as models for health care provision in rural areas for example.



Despite the geographic proximity of health care providers (e.g. hospitals, physicians, caretakers, midwives) and companies that work together in projects and that partly are organised in networks, so far there is only very little continuous, cross-border cooperation among them.

Companies often cannot sell their products on the other side of the border for various reasons. On the one hand, the companies do not know enough about the conditions that apply in the neighbouring country’s health care system (e.g. the health care infrastructure, funding systems). Without this knowledge, however, the companies cannot make their products meet the demand adequately. Furthermore, there are not enough opportunities for the SMEs usually providing health care to enter into cross-border cooperation.